I was lucky enough to discover the fantastic 3D model of the MCG created by Tom late last year while searching for an appropriate Australian-style stadium to use in the opening titles for the 2007 Brownlow Medal Count, broadcast on Channel 7.

I found while searching online that the majority of 3D model resellers mainly stock stadiums that are obviously not Australian, or not generic enough to get away with using in Australia, especially when it comes to AFL football - American football and baseball stadiums, or European soccer stadiums for instance, are just not right in the Australian environment, with such different architecture, shape and layout to what we have here Down Under.

Our main stadiums here in Australia are very distinctive and recognizable, as are many of our other architectural landmarks.Tom is successfully and competently building a library of these and filling that void of missing Australian 3D content.

The 2007 Brownlow Medal opening titles were well received, and Tom's MCG model really helped to sell the whole concept. I have since used the same model in the animation package for the 2008 AFL Grand Final package on Channel 7, which again, really enhanced the overall product. Worthy of mention too is that these are two of the highest rating broadcasts on Australian television each and every year.

On a personal level, Tom has been great to deal with, always friendly and receptive. I look forward to dealing with him in the future, and seeing what great 3D model he may come up with next.

Troy Kruyer
Senior Designer & Animator
Creative Oil, Australia